D&D playing on the touchscreen interactive kiosk

A Personal Landmark

Last Sunday was a big day for me. No, I didn’t win the lottery or attain clarity on the meaning of life (I’m sticking with 42). We decided to take the twins (who are now 2 and a half) to a regular family haunt, Burnby Hall Gardens in Pocklington. So what was different… 

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Heddy Lamarr

I love you Hedy Lamarr

…but probably in not the way you think. Hedy Lamarr may have been an icon of the silver screen but I’ll confess to have only ever seeing a couple of her movies. So why do I love her? One word. Bluetooth. As well as being a sultry siren during Hollywood’s Golden… 

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A portion of sammearns.co.uk

Friday Namecheck #3 – Sam Mearns

This weeks #FNCK mention goes to Sam Mearns @SamMearns, another Yorkshire based designer (I will go further afield with my recommendations in the future I promise). I’ve been constantly impressed by Sam’s minimalist style and hopefully you will be too. As well as following him on Twitter I’d thoroughly recommend checking… 

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  • Ominous sunset 2
  • Autmun sky
  • Frosty sunrise
  • Ominous sunset 1
  • Autumn skies
  • Grass at sunrise
  • Tall grass at sunset
  • Sunset over paddock
  • Thistles in the evening sun
  • Sunset and cow parsley

Skies over East Yorkshire

I’m lucky enough to live in a rural area of East Yorkshire and over the last year I’ve made a concerted effort to keep my DSLR with me wherever I am (even if it’s taking the twins for a walk down the road). Most of my good shots have been… 

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Creating an isometric grid in Illustrator [Tutorial]

[level: Novice] The use of isometric grids (the sort of grid used to create the Postmodem logo) is certainly nothing new and often makes a resurgence along with ‘pixel art‘, so I knew it would be easy to find a grid on the web that would help me create the… 

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Leigh Taylor

Friday Namecheck #2 – Leigh Taylor

It’s that time of the week again, when everyone is (hopefully) winding down to the weekend and I get the chance to talk about and recommend someone to follow. This week’s #FNCK goes to Leigh Taylor @lat Not only am I insanely jealous of Leigh’s ridiculously short Twitter handle – I’m… 

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Apple ID - Password reset screen

The big boys get UX wrong too

I was quite surprised when I stumbled across this today.  Having forgotten the password to my Apple ID (a more regular occurrence than I’d like) I went through the usual email procedure to reset my password and noticed that the the helpful tips/password restrictions were far from helpful. As you’ll… 

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Jim Morrison

Friday Namecheck #1 – Jim Morrison

Those of you who’ve been using Twitter for a while will have seen the #FF or #FollowFriday links flying around on Fridays (naturally). The biggest problem with #FF, and probably the reason it isn’t seen so much any more, is that there was usually no ‘qualifying’ message from the tweeter… 

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Comfort Zone - A scribble on the graffiti wall at FOWD 2012

Working outside my comfort zone

When I attended the Future of Web Design (FOWD) conference in London back in May of this year, I added a small scribble to their graffiti wall which you can see above. The problem is, I know that I don’t always live and work outside my comfort zone. So what… 

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Tardis York Maze - July 2013

Happy Anniversary Doctor Whoooo

It never fails to amaze me how easily D&D (the twins – although we never refer to them as that) are picking up new words. So it’s very apt that on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, they learnt how to say “Doctor Who”.  They’re only just past their 2nd… 

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