Dancing at The Fav

Rediscovering the 90’s – The Faversham in 35mm

Stepping back in time to 1996, yet again with my trusty Olympus OM40 and a few rolls of black and white film, I attempted to capture some of the energy and spirit of my favorite bar in Leeds at that time, The Faversham.

Back then, I was still honing my photography skills, but now, even the blurry shots hold a certain level of charm that transports me right back to those heady days of my youth, including the time I spent working in the conservatory bar serving up cocktails.

If you ever visited ‘The Fav’ in those days, maybe before heading to Vague at the Warehouse, I hope these photos will evoke some similar nostalgic memories.

I’d like to think these images offer a small snapshot into the carefree spirit of the 90’s and a window into the magic of a very different era.

This collection of black and white photos was revived through (countless) hours of high resolution negative scanning and image restoration.


PS: Let me know if you spot anyone you know!!

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