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Hi, I’m Daryl. I’m a web/interactive/UX designer from sunny East Yorkshire. I’m fundamentally a problem solver, a technology tinkerer and passionate about creating a better web for all, one pixel at a time.

My Personal Life

I’ve been a keen Photographer for many years (it’s what got me into design in the first place) which is why a fair few of the posts on Postmodem will be Photography related. Like most people I also love watching movies, you can see my Letterboxd profile here to see the sort of films I enjoy. Oh, and I love reading comics/graphic novels – especially anything from Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore.

My Professional Life

I’ve been working in the ‘Web World’ since 2001 after graduating from the University of Bradford with a BSc in Electronic Imaging & Media Communications. The course title is a bit of a mouthful but essentially it was a combined arts & science degree covering aspects of TV/Video/Music production, Photography, Graphic & Web design, 3D animation, Film Studies, Marketing etc.

My first web role was with BBC Worldwide interactive Learning in Milton Keynes where I cut my teeth working on bespoke micro-sites for the Open Universities’ TV output at the time (We’re talking table based websites here). I also worked on some large scale Flash interactive sites for the OU as well as NCSL (The National College for School Leadership).

After 2 very successful years I returned home to Yorkshire to try my hand as a freelance Web Designer.  Unfortunately however, freelancing was trickier than I had imagined and although I’d worked with some great clients I decided to accept a role at Continuum in York as their sole Interactive Designer.  This was a very interesting time for me as the work was wide and varied, as well as website design I also designed for touchscreen interactive kiosks (the ones you see in museums) long before the touchscreen became ubiquitous.

When the Continuum role came to an end (due to looming redundancy) I decided to jump ship and work for the much closer to home Ebuyer.com as their Senior Web Designer. Moving from the ‘Heritage sector’ to the much faster paced world on FMCG was a real eye-opener  for me and I worked with a very talented bunch of designers and developers. Although very little remains of what I did during my Ebuyer days (as is the transitory nature of the web) I’m still immensely proud of the work I did there and look forward to sharing bits of it soon.

Following my time at Ebuyer I took on the role of  Group Ecommerce Design Manager & UX Design Lead for CPP Group Plc in York. My work at CPP was very much focussed on creating the most engaging experiences possible through it’s digital channels, whether that was via a mobile device, desktop or through the ever increasing number of social media channels.

Most recently I have been fortunate enough to take up the role of Senior UX Designer for IBM in York working on it’s Cognos TM1 platforms – a complete shift in UX focus for me but then I’ve always liked a challenge and it’s definitely a bit of an adventure for me!

Over the coming month I aim to add a “Work/Portfolio” element to this site, working backwards from my current role – so stay tuned!

Want to know more? Check out my Vizify Bio. Check me out on about.me

Photo credit: © 2015 Chris Marriott

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